website design

Marketing Consultation

  • Review your Goals and set in place a plan to achieve them
  • I will help you get the right mindset in marketing online
  • We will get inside your customer’s mind and deliver what they want
  • We will discover your unique selling points and strive to relay the benefits to your customers


Website Design & Website Re-Design

  • Affordable Effective Website Solutions / Graphic
  • Full Functional sites
  • Provided content on request
  • Best Copy to Funnel Potential Customer to Buy
  • Custom Graphics, Logos, Templates, Designs

Search Engine Optimization / Link Building

  • #1 Results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Get listed in 10,000+ Directories online.
  • Listings in Local Business Searches and Google, Yahoo Maps
  • Stay in the top listings on the Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • We have packages for every business’s budget and time line
  • We provide high quality backlinks every month to your siteFacebook Marketing

Google Places / Local Business Directory Listings

  • An ABSOLUTE must for local brick and Motar businesses
  • Be at the top of Google when clients are looking for you services or products

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

  • Be seen on the new TV! Video Marketing is highly effective and can be used for your website to capture your audience!
  • Custom Videos such as a 30 second to 2 minute ad clip of your business seen on Youtube, and many more video

Social Media Marketing

  • FaceBook
  • Will also be seen on the other top 50 social media networks (Twitter, Digg, and StumbleUpon)


Article & Press Release Marketing

  • Get seen by a larger audience and drive more people to your site.
  • Get your articles picked up by blogs, news sites, and much more!

Email Marketing

  • Keeping in contact with your customers is VITAL
  • If you do not have an email list, I urge you to start right now. The money is in the list!

Email Marketing

Pay Per Performance Advertising

  • Lease Ranked Websites that capture leads in your industry
  • Pay on per lead basis for your type of leads


Provide a Monthly/Weekly Detail Report

  • Find out about your visitors and how many
  • Find  out how many Backlinks and where they come from


Groupon and Living Social Consulting

Craigslist Ad Campaigns

Logo Design

SMS/Text Messaging Marketing

Mobile Marketing



General Marketing and Web Consulting