Ultimate Referral Services

Like Google AdWords, we get you on the front page for 1,000′s of buyer keywords.
Unlike Google AdWords, you don’t pay per click…

We build massive referral websites which rank on Google for 1,000′s of specific, high quality buyer keywords that people type into Google every day, to find whatever product or service you offer, no matter what business you’re in.

When people search Google for you, many will see our referral websites. When people click any of our webpages, we redirect them to your website.

We present you as the top recommendation for exactly what they are searching for. And these aren’t generic searches, either… These are the 1,000′s of specific keywords that most website owners have to pay-per-click for, using Google AdWords.

The result is that our referrals are serious about finding something in particular (they are ready to buy now), and we redirect them to your website. Therefore our referrals have a high sales conversion ratio: not 2%, which is typical for generic searches – instead, expect to convert 10% to 40% of our referrals.

Sending you 1,000 referrals has a high probability of producing from 100 to 400 sales… which means new clients: a new and growing profit stream for you.

This works for virtually anyone in any industry:

clickbank affiliates dentists lawyers homeopaths bowen therapists
roofing contractors landscapers plumbers financial advisors general contractors
loan specialists acupunturists massage therapists wedding photographers birthday parties/clowns
function catering gourmet restaurants travel agencies website designers seo specialists
doctors insurance agents real estate agents home decorators inspirational speakers
MLM program owners tutors/coaches insurance lead harvesters mentors/gurus annuity lead harvesters



We create 2,000-page websites for you, that are each optimized for front page placement on high quality buyer keywords. This is the eqivalent of bidding on at least 1,000 keywords, but instead, showing up for the ‘free’ results (no PPC).

For each website, we add 1,000 referring backlinks to your PRIMARY referral website, so you control more real estate on each front page. Collectively, this means showing up multiple times on each front page, across literally 1,000′s of buyer keywords that all relate to your business.

We get our lists of trafficked keywords directly from Google, so our pages collectively rank on the front page for buyer keywords.

Note that any one of these keywords alone might only get 1-3 visitors/month, since they’re each high-conversion keywords… But with 2,000 webpages in play, and multiple such websites working together to control more front page real-estate per keyword:

That adds up to capturing perhaps over 1,000 visitors/month within the first 2-3 months, who are looking for what you offer and are ready to buy now!

We host and maintain the websites, we build them, and the customers are yours — you keep 100% of your profits. (Many of our clients have gotten so many referrals who converted into sales, they can’t accommodate more traffic – you can stop the offers and restart anytime.)

Imagine being on the Front Page of Google for 635 different keywords that your visitors search to find you, and DOUBLE THAT for the very next month… (We have Front Page Tracking Software that lets us verify front page listings across literally 1,000′s of keywords for your Project.)

We create massive referral runs for you on different websites, so you can have multiple front page listings for literally 1,000′s of keywords. Google AdWords only allows you one listing per page (and you have to pay per click). But we provide MULTIPLE front page listings, and every click is free to you.



Two things really sweeten this deal…

1)   You will get access to the same visitor tracking that we use, so you can track your referrals in real time right along with us. You’ll learn much about how your clients find you!

2)   Your additional websites aren’t just for looks… they’re for GROWTH. Having multiple websites means deep-backlinking yourself with ‘like content’ (which can double the traffic/sales you get on just the first month alone)!
So if your first 2,000 webpages gets you 80 sales the first month, think of what 20,000 webpages can bring (a 10-website network, advertising on your behalf)!